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9. prosince 2012 v 16:37 | bloom |  winx
Distracted|The Winx Club is so close to finally achieving Sirenix, but Bloom can't focus with Daphne prisoner!
Let the Race Begin|Who will get to the source of Sirenix first? Tritannus and the Trix or the Winx?
Too Late|Tritannus has made it to the source of Sirenix! This isn't good...
Back to the Beginning|Can the girls make it to where their quest first began?
Oh no!|Why does lake Roccaluce look like it's disappearing?
Underwater Discontent|What's wrong with all the undersea creautures?
Pile of Pollution|Tritannus' sludge monster is after the fairies!
Rescue Mission|The keepers are in trouble!
Down the Drain|No time for Tritannus, the lake is drying up!
Un-foe-tunate|How did the Trix get the power of Sirenix? How will the girls defeat evil now?
Concentrate!|The Winx Club needs to restore Sirenix to save lake Roccaluce, but can Bloom focus?
Teamwork|Nothing is impossible when you work together!
An Opening|It's the supreme guardian of Sirenix and she's letting the girls into the Infinite Ocean!
Training Time|Now that they finally made it to the Infinite Ocean, the Winx need to work hard to defeat Tritannus and The Trix' dark Sirenix powers.
Sneak Peek|Can the Winx Club save the planet from Tritannus and finally defeat him once and for all?

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3. prosince 2012 v 6:52 | bloom |  welcome
Lidičky,ani nevíte jak je ta škola blbá xD asi víte xD Já prostě nestíhám takže pozastávko.
Ze všech kontrol atd. mě pls odeberte.Fotky dne už taky nebudou,protože za chvíli du do školy a odpoledne nestíhám.Ale vzkaz pro Stellu : Můj nejoblíbenější Fairy Club stíhám vždycky :)

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